September 4, 2008

First Sick Day? For REAL??!!

Princess is home from school today. The creaping crud that has
infected the house has flaired her asthma and after listening to her
deep, rasping cough this morning, I keep her home and then ferried
her off to the pediatrician. I love our pediatrician’s office. Not
only is our Doctor “old school ” (he’s an older guy who has seen
thousands of pateints and has watched fads come and go, giving him a
good overview about what things really DO matter and what things you
don’t have to worry about). Also, it’s simple to get a “this day”
appointment with little or no wait time, which is always important
when you’re at home with a sick kid.

Princess got her normal diagnosis and will spend the next few days
attached to a nebulizer to loosen up her lungs. If her fever is
normal tomorrow (it was barely above normal today) she’ll head back
to school. The Princess spends a good part of the winter with a wet,
hacking cough. She’s not contagious, just asthmatic, though I do
wonder what other parents must think of me as they hear her hacking
her way through the school day.

to the Princesses malaise, Littlebit hasn’t been sleeping well.
Littlebit is a notorious NONsleeper. Apparently someone told her
that hardcore babies don’t sleep and since Littlebit has elected to
be hardcore, she chooses to sleep as little as possible. In a fit of
desperation around her first birthday, Big Daddy and I ran to
Border’s (literally) to buy “The No Cry Sleep Solution”. I read
the book that night and realized that Littlebit was dealing with a
sleep deficit of four hours a day.

Big Daddy always believed me about the sleep thing, but I wanted to
waggle the book in front of people. Proof! I had PROOF! She still
doesn’t sleep as much as most toddlers her age, but we’ve settled
into a schedule everyone can live with. Bedtime at 8, wake up time
at 6 with a two hour nap coming after lunch time. I would love her
to sleep past 6am, but no matter what her bedtime, that’s what time
she gets up. The Princess is the same way.

to the point, Littlebit isn’t sleeping well this week and she was
monsterous (which is putting it WAY lightly) at the Doctor today.
Thankfully, I know they’re used to dealing with screaming beasts
kids, but it didn’t make wrestling her any easier.

Princess is now passed out on the couch, in front of Sprout (which I
assume she wouldn’t cop to watching at school) having been worn out
by the dose of benedryll we decided to try to determine if her issues
were allergy related or just a cold. Littlebit is sleeping, though
the two hour mark is approaching and I expect her up shortly. I’m
hoping the naps both of them are having will lead to a more
harmonious afternoon. Big Daddy plays racquetball tonight and the
fighting so far today has been intense.

The House

been looking, for a few months, for a piece of affordable,
reasonabley attractive storage furniture for the foyer. We live in a
small house (well, small for the ‘burbs. We have 1500 sq feet, four
people and three pets. 2 car garage, no basement). Storage space
can be hard to find. I wanted a neat solution to some of the odds
and ends that we keep around that we just don’t seem to have a place

love some of the pottery barn options, but, sadly, a 1300 Foyer
Storage Solution
isn’t in the budget right now (but save your
pennies, Big Daddy, because I love it). I was browsing at
yesterday and found this storage system on sale. I measured out the
space in the foyer with my handy tape measure and found that it would
fit fine and actually be almost the perfect dimensions. After I
picked up the Princess form school, we hit Target and loaded it into
our cart (as an aside, Target is clearing out their school supplies,
so stock up!) along with some fabric storage baskets.

Princess and I put it together before dinner (Littlebit climbed on it
and pronounced it a “seee-it” (seat)) and it seems sturdy and
looks nice. I’m considering hitting the Depot for a few pre-made
bun feet to give it a more furniturey look, but the verdict is out on
that, so I’ll live with it a few days and then decide (and then
tether that sucker to the wall).

also decided to use my current Scrap Room kit to make tags for the
baskets to help with cleaning up. I didn’t have any laminating
supplies here, so I covered the tags with packing tap before I
punched in the holes (and tied them on with ribbon). They’re not
indestructible, but I’m hoping they’re mostly toddler proof.

it seems to be calling for fall d├ęcor…..I’m wondering if Big
Daddy will notice a pumpkin or two…..
regardless, the board books on Toddler level is already a great success

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