September 15, 2008

Littlebit is TWO!

This past week revolved around Littlebit’s impending birthday.  We ordered food, planned decorations and favors and sat in restless anticipation of her big day Friday and big party day on Saturday.

Of course, thanks to hurricanes in other parts of the world (where people are experiencing far more devastation than a rained on party) we had a rained on party.  I spent the morning half hysterical that it would be too wet to have the party in the park pavilion and even if we did, I feared no one would show.

Big Daddy made some phone calls and reassured me and we all had a very nice day.

Please excuse the icing stain.  This is a leftover favor box

.  The boxes were dollar store finds ($1 for 12 favor boxes) and I tied them with pink ribbon leftover from LIttlebit’s coming home outfit.

Inside were “party blowers” (so dubbed by the Princess) and a set of royal finger puppets.

These were made out of fleece on an embroidery sewing machine from an adorable pattern from Sewing for Sarah.  The download might seem a bit pricey, and for my six sets the favors worked out to about $10 each (even with my $1 favor boxes) but the patterns are reusable and I estimate you could easily make a set of 12 puppets out of only 1/4yd of fleece (watch for sales at Joann’s if you’re interested.  ‘Tis the season for fleece on sale).  I love them because not only do they encourage imaginative play, but they’re machine washable.

It really was a great day for Littlebit and we really rung in her second birthday in a way that not only suited her, but made her totally happy.

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