September 23, 2008

That Explains a Few Things

For the past few days, dealing with Littlebit has been an draining exercise.  Big Daddy and I often look at each other in abject desperation several times a day as LIttlebit melts down.  Sleeping has been a nightmare, naps are sparse and difficult.

This morning, Littlebit cried out at 5:30 and her voice sounded deep and barky.  You’ve guessed it right, Moms, Littlebit has croup.  Last winter, between November and New Year’s Eve, Littlebit had croup three times complete with two trips to the ER and one fantic night spent alternating between warm showers and exposures to the night air in an attempt to NOT have to visit the ER again.

Thankfully, our flex spending account is full o’ cash so the perscription payments and doctor’s office co-pays are easy to manage and hopefully Littlebit will be on the mend soon without any frightening episodes tonight.

I know a few first time Moms who worried about croup and how to tell if their little one had croup.  What I can say is, like smelling pot, you KNOW it’s croup when you hear it.  (You know how sometimes you smell something and wonder if it’s pot, but when you actually smell pot there’s no doubt, well, that’s croup).  Your little one will have a barking, seal like cough.  There’s just no other way to describe it.  Seasoned moms and new moms who experience croup for the first time agree.  You won’t miss it.

So, we’ll go to bed with apprehension tonight hoping the antibiotics and steroids little bit is on will be enough to keep her from gasping and wheezing this evening.  Cross your fingers!

As an aside, Littlebit is on Azithromycin,  Liquid.  Littlebit is particularly resiliant about taking medications and will take oral steroids without batting an eyelash, but the Azithromycin tastes so bad that she drools copiously, gags and shivers every time we’ve tried to give it to her.  Big Daddy has a call in to the pharmacist to find out WHY it tastes so bad (We’ve been parents for eight years and I’ve nevah had a kid complain about oral antibiotics.  They don’t taste great, but they’re tolerable).  Not even mixing it with cranberry juice is taking away the sting for little bit.

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