September 29, 2008

Today feels like fall.

It does.  The air is crisp and it was gray and damp.  It was cool in the house and we closed down the windows and left them closed almost all day.  We wore long pants and socks and shoes again (though I know we’re sure to have another warm snap coming before long because that’s just how it is in the mid-west).  Littlebit went to school without shoes, but I carried her to keep her from walking in the cold, damp grass and as it is wont to do here in the fall, the car was covered with so much dew this morning it looked like it had rained.

So, I made Halloweeny things….

These little cuties are paper mache hats from Oriental Trading which, if you are a scrapbooking sort, has tons of cute little alterable goodies.  The Princess was thrilled that there was a mama sized hat, a Littlebit sized hat and Princess sized hat. THe first hat took a while to figure out angles and stuff, but the other two went together quickly.  I used papers from Tinkering Ink, 7 Gypsies and Chatterbox and whatever embellishments seemed to fit.  I used regular scrapbook adhesive, but will probably put a layer of mod podge or gesso over them to seal them.    I think my favorite is the Littlebit sized hat.  It’s just sort of sweet and whimsical, like her.

You’ll notice, of coruse, the extra bling on the Princess’s hat.  That’s her too.

And, since it was fall like, we had this for dinner

It’s not my recipe, but if you want to make it, you can find the recipe here.  It was so good and just what the doctor ordered on the first truly cool day of the year.FWIW, I did not do this in the crock pot, but in the oven for 3 hours at 300 degrees.  It was perfect.  I also halved the recipe too as we didn’t really need 10 servings.

As an aside, are you participating in Ali Edward’s A Week in the Life project?  If not, consider it.  Even if you don’t scrapbook.


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