October 30, 2008

Carve it up…

It was our annual pumpkin carving night. I wait as long as possible to carve them so our pumpkins don’t get sunken or mushy. It’s a pet peeve of mine. The Princess is frequently chagrined because I dump them into the trash the morning after Halloween. I hate driving past people’s homes the week or two after Halloween and seeing sad, nasty, rotten, deflated pumpkins lining their sidewalks.

Littlebit was overjoyed to dig our her pumpkin “guts” even after proclaiming “yuck!” a few times. She happily threw a few handfuls to the floor for the dog’s enjoyment–yes our dog (and least year our baby) eats raw pumpkin guts.


The Princess cleaned out her guts and designed her face and I threw in a little bit of creativity all my own.

Of course, we saved the seeds and they’re now roasting in the oven. I used this easy to follow recipe from all recipes, We have five more whole pumpkins outside and if I find time tomorrow, I might carve a few more for fun and to have seeds for sugar and spice roasted seeds. Of course, I’ll include some in the Princesses lunch tomorrow to build upon our Halloween theme.


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