October 30, 2008


This is my favorite time of year….


Not Halloween so much, but the fact that excitement of the holiday season is beginning. I am giddy thinking about the possibilities and the fun we can have. The cookies we have to bake and the decorating we get to do. I’m so excited about the crafts we’ll make and the places we’ll go. It’s literally enough to make me jump out of my chair RIGHT NOW in excitement and anticipation, but I can’t.

What I can do is spend some time focusing on what I’d like to do and narrowing down the list. I’ve learned from Christmases past that I just can’t do everything, so I need to decide what things are the most important and go from there.

So, what things are making my list this year?
Making this awesome non-traditional Advent Calendar. Naturally it started life as a Martha Stewart creation, but I like the idea of being able to tuck a little something inside and am thankful Ali shared the Christmas prompts she was using on her website.

Getting to the Brookfield Zoo’s Holiday Magic event. It’s been on my to-do list for years, but this time I actually wrote it in on the calendar so we make it a point to go.

Visiting Santa Claus at the tiny hut beside the train station near the town we live in. Santa sits in a posh, ornate red chair in front of a fire place. Last year we went the weekend before Christmas and there was no line. The trees outside were decorated so beautifully and it seemed just the sort of place you’d find Santa tucked into, reading before his Christmas Eve journey

The Princess insists on checking in with Norad’s Santa Tracker. It never fails to get an excited to kid to sleep on Christmas Eve as we point out when Santa is visiting the cities of relatives the next state over.

Making sure to watch The Family Man with Big Daddy. It’s a nicely done story set at Christmas time and full of reminders about what things we should find the most important. We don’t watch it with the kids, it’s a tradition we only share with each other. I think there is no greater thing than to actually be surrounded with the knowledge of how BLESSED your life is.

If there are things you love to do around the Holiday season, why not pencil them in and give them the same weight you give to trips to the dentist and school assignments.


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    The frozen bush picture is gorgeous! I love the red color surrounded by the ice. Great shot.

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    Fantastic Pictures!
    I love the ice and the Wordless Wednesday one is awesome as well!

    Oh-Thank you for commenting on my pictures of my kids too. :)

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