October 14, 2008

Long Weekend…

We are lucky enough to have, in the family, some property in Northern Michigan. My Dad has done a lot of work there over the years turning it into a comfortable gathering spot and when the Princess had a long weekend, we decided we had to head North for some fall fun. The weather was fantastic, lower 70’s during the day and 50’s overnight and the color was fantastic! It was a great time of conversation and campfires and wine tasting. A perfect fall weekend.


Northern Michigan is a fantastic place and as American familes are beginning to realize that they need to cut back on expenses, if you’re in the Midwest a Michigan vacation might be just the thing. We’ve vacationed there on multiple occasions and have convinced friends to vacation there as well. In the summer, the Lake Michigan side is resplendent with warm sandy beaches and bright blue water and in the fall…well….the beauty speaks for itself, doesn’t it?

The Princess loved trips up north. They’re happy times full of enormous amounts of freedom. My Dad has 10 well maintained acres to play on, full of climbable trees, a friendly small patch of woods (where all roads lead to an easily path back home) that includes a hollow tree just big enough to house a friendly teddy bear.

I think all families need a special place like that. There’s nothing to do for miles. The nearest towns of consequence are nearly 30 miles away. People eat big meals and chit chat the hours away. No one thinks badly of you if you take a nap or if you read all day. Or if you succumb to drinking games or bottle rocket launching.

But I don’t think you need your own Norther Michigan utopia to create a special spot for your family. We’re moving into weather, but during the cold months, my mind will certainly be turning to vacation planning. Why not go camping and find a happy place of your own.

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