October 20, 2008

This is what nap time is for…

Every day, I try to have my chores and daily stuff done so I can use Littlebit’s nap time to be crafty. This afternoon was no exception.

I worked on a skirt for the Princess. I actually got to the waistband stage, and couldn’t find my 1 inch elastic. I’m sure it’s hiding somewhere, so that will go into the “to finish” pile until it turns up.

For instant gratification, I made another pinafore for Littlebit…
Sadly, these aren’t very impressive looking laying flat, so here’s a picture of Littlebit in her Halloween pinafore from the same pattern.
Halloween Pinafore

Also, I saw some adorable ghost stuffies on a craft board today and since I KNEW I had what what it took to make it around the house to make my own ghost stuffie, here she is:
Ghost softie

Notice her jaunty bow??
jaunty bow

Honestly, this would be a GREAT project to make with kids. Let them trace their ghost shape on a double thickness of muslin (or any white cotton fabric. I believe this ghoast was made from white broad cloth). Cut out an oval for the bottom whose diameter is the width of the bottom of your ghost. If you’re going to appliqué the eyes and mouth on like i did, you’ll need to do that first. Then, sew the front of your stuffie to bottom piece, right sides facing and then sew on the back side, again, right sides facing. Stitch up the sides leaving a small hole to stuff and finish off. The possibilities are endless.

Our little ghostie is nestled at the top of our entertainment center, peeking down on all of the goings on in the house. When the Princess is feeling better (she’s home sick with something) she might need to add one to our collection. :o)

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