November 9, 2008

Getting Ready-Installment 1-Advent Calendars

When I was a little girl, every year my Mom would make the trek to the store in November to find an Advent Calendar for my brother, my sister and me. She chose carefully, considering our likes and interests and hung them on the back of the front door. She continued this tradition into teendom and I’m sure I had a calendar my last Christmas at home.

When the Princess was born, Mom sent a calendar to her and I would hold her and pry open the tiny little windows, showing her the pictures behind. When Littlebit was born, Mom sent her a calendar too.

Last Christmas, there were no Advent Calendars. Mom had passed away the May before and Dad didn’t send the calendars out. I didn’t have the heart to buy them in her absence. That was what SHE did and the girls went through the Advent season without a calendar.

I decided after Christmas was over, that I missed the tradition, but decided to retire the paper calendars with my Mom. Not because I didn’t love them, but because that time had passed. It was her thing that she did for us and the girls and it wouldn’t feel right to carefully pick out the paper advent calendars that were meant to be from her. It would be too sad and I didn’t feel like crying in Hallmartk for the next dozen Christmases

So, I have the rest of November to create an all new, fabulous and reusable (it’s all about being GREEN) Advent Calendar. If you’re thinking about doing the same thing, here are some of the options I love:

Ali Edward’s Advent Boxes
I love the idea of staggered boxes painted different colors and I love the presentation Ali uses of hanging them on a wall. I have just the spot and their larger size would allow for two treats/trinkets per box and a some of the adorable spirit box prompts she includes on her website.

The sky would be the limit with this adorable advent Calendar made from a cookie sheet. LIttlebit would be able to participate, but it’s a bit sparse.

I love this advent Calendar from All Sorts as well. It’s super cute, should be inexpensive to make and she gives you a pattern so you can make it as well (plus, a cute pattern for felt clogs so you can make your own shoes to set out for St. Nicholas).

If you’re getting crafy with your advent calendar, leave a link and let me know!

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