January 13, 2009


That’s what it is here. Bitter, biting cold. it is bright and clear and only five degrees (but the wind chill pushes us to fifteen below zero). You would think the bright, bright sun and blue sky would mean it’s a little warmer than it should be, but somehow that doesn’t’ translate in winter and that bright, clear sky just means COLD.

It was so cold this morning when I went out to start the car, that the snow crunched under my feet.

Cold weather like this starts Big Daddy dreaming. Big Daddy believes himself finely suited to warmer climates. He hates the cold and snow and, most of all, the endless shoveling. After a long day yesterday, Big Daddy shouldered his shovel at 8 p.m. and cleared the driveway. Again.

But, I like Winter.

And not just because Christmas is in the middle of it. I just do. I joke that it’s because I only have to deal with winter when I choose to. I don’t shovel. If the roads are bad, I stay home. But even if I did have to deal with the cold and snow, I’d like it anyway. This upsets Big Daddy greatly as he contemplates moves to coastal Florida or Arizona and I protest the loss of snow. He actually offered to buy me a snow machine. If I’ll move south.

But, I like it here. In the cold and snow.

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