January 1, 2009

Hiatus over.

I hadn’t intended it that way, but as Chrsitmas got closer and things got busier my time to post got smaller and smaller.  Couple that with my pregnancy induced apathy and blogging just wasn’t happening.  I still have pregnancy induced apathy.  My first trimester is over now, so I’m hopeful that the lethargy that has plagued me is nearly over.

And now 2009 dawns new. In seven short months, we’ll be welcoming the last one into our family, complete at lucky number five. Big Daddy and I are spending our days purging the house of every unnecessary thing. We’re tired of the clutter that has over run us and know that as our little family grows this year, we need to make better use of our space. Two large bags are packed full waiting for a trip to the salvation army and more will follow I’m sure as we re-evaluate.

Following what I did in 2008, I’m selecting my word for the year. You can read more about it at Ali Edward’s Blog. This year, my word is unplug. A reminder that live is better lived away from the computer and t.v. and sometimes out from behind the camera.

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