January 11, 2009

Menu Plan Monday(ish)

This week I’m focusing on keeping things simple. Complicated meals just aren’t making the cut right now. My morning/all day sickness is worst in the evening and we need to focus on meals that don’t take a lot of time or work and are easy to get onto the tabls

Steak Salad
This is pretty much a recipe of my parents doing. It’s a green salad (veggies of your choice) topped by thin sliced steak, sautéed mushrooms and onions, french fries and salad dressing. Great use of any left over, tender beef and it cannot be beat with home made, hand cut fries.

Hamburger Gravy, mashed potatoes and corn.
I must be feeling homesick. Another recipe my parents used to make

Meatball sandwiches, baby carrots and tater tots
need super quick and easy as the Princess and I have an outing. Meatballs are made in advance

Hardshell tacos, spanish rice and veggies

homemade pasta with sauce, salad and garlic bread
All this effort is for Big Daddy. ;o)

Dinner out. I’m due

Make your own pizza (carry over form last week)

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