Month: March 2009

March 17, 2009

24 Weeks…

Littlebit and I are outside. She’s climbed on top of the red Radio Flyer tricycle and pedals unevenly aroun d the back deck She doesn’t get anywhere fast, but she tries. She can’t climb up on to the seat. She has to climb onto the back and then up. Her sister was quite a bit […]

March 15, 2009

Wondertime no more

I got a card in the mail yesterday, that Wondertime Magazine was ceasing publication and my remaining subscription would be converted to Family Fun. I like Family Fun, but I’m so disappointed. Wondertime was something special. A fantastic breath of mass media fresh air; beautifully photographed and full of content we actually used. Their articles […]

March 13, 2009

Summer soon?

Winter is losing it’s grip here. The robins and the red-winged blackbirds have finally made their way back. Daylight savings time, while not loved by everyone, is welcomed here on the far eastern edge of the timezone. The sun rises around 7 a.m., perfect for encouraging little bit to sleep later and sets around 6:30 […]

March 10, 2009

Semi-Sort of Pillowcase Dress

If you’re crafty, you’ve seen these little beauties all over the internet. A quick search on etsy turns up over 2500 hits. Most dresses seem to retail for just under $20. The most difficult thing about these dresses seemed to be finding a free pattern/tutorial/template to make the damn things, but I finally found an […]

March 9, 2009

Etsy shall be the death of me…

Well, not REALLY, but you can lose hours there. A naked peg family is winging it’s way to us from Boston and naked peggies Wookit the three little girl peggies; one for the Princess, one for Little-Bit and one for Baby Bee. They’re adorable. Now, whether or not my painting will be anything to speak […]

March 8, 2009

It seems trite…

To post and then take long absences and then apologize for long absences, which some how makes the blogging process seem even more narcissistic than people complain blogging already is. The implication, you know, that you’re important enough to be missed requiring an apology for an absence. But, there it is anyhow. Things have been […]

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