March 13, 2009

Summer soon?

Winter is losing it’s grip here. The robins and the red-winged blackbirds have finally made their way back. Daylight savings time, while not loved by everyone, is welcomed here on the far eastern edge of the timezone. The sun rises around 7 a.m., perfect for encouraging little bit to sleep later and sets around 6:30 allowing for playtime after homework. The ponds and marshes are still iced over, but it is starting to feel hopeful now. Like we won’t have to freeze in the house forever.

Of course, my thoughts start to turn to the girls summer wardrobes. The Princess selects what we’ll buy and what I’ll make (she always requests mamamade sundresses), which I think is fair as she grows older. I enjoy sewing for the kiddos, but once it stops becoming enjoyable for them to wear what I make, it’s time for me to stop. Littlebit doesn’t get to pick and while I tend to buy her jean and kahki shorts from Target (it’s cheaper to buy them for $5 or less a pair than to buy the material and fiddle with sewing them) her other things are made by me. <3 I'm longing for warmer weather (yes, even winter loving me) and noticing that Littlebit is really out growing her clothes. Her leggings, made in fall, are now high waters and her pajamas all seem to be missing their matches. I have tops to one set, bottoms to another and they don't match. She has one pair of intact footies and one pair without (they had a hole, but where okay otherwise, so I chopped off the feet) and two nighties. Couple her need with my longing and you get.... summer shortie peejays!!

Pattern is from Ottobre Designs Summer 2006. I paired an easy knit tank top with supper easy rib knit waist shorts.

A few notes:

  1. My serger is still in a shop about 15 miles away. They haven’t called to say it is repaired yet, so I’m sewing these stretch knits on my sewing machine. I use a stretch straight stitch and then use an overcast stitch to secure the seam
  2. Considering I had to sew each main seam twice to ensure strength, it took me about two hours to sew this outfit. Had I not had to restitch and trim by myself it would have taken less time and I expect future sets will take less time as well
  3. I had one issue with the pattern which was probably me, but here goes. The straps and armhole bindings are done with one piece of material. You finish off the tie part of the straps and then bind the armholes. I finished off the first strap to the marks on the pattern but found that it left the tie part too short and the binding way too long. With knit fabrics you need a little stretch on bindings, so I disregarded the pattern markings and finished off an extra inch on each side for the ties and that gave me a good amount of the binding.
  4. Littlebit is long and skinny like a bean. I traced the pattern as a 96, but did a 104 in length. The fit is just about perfect on her, which is a good point of reference for her summer sewing

And the best part of all? Littlebit loves them and looks adorable. You can’t beat that.

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