March 8, 2009

It seems trite…

To post and then take long absences and then apologize for long absences, which some how makes the blogging process seem even more narcissistic than people complain blogging already is. The implication, you know, that you’re important enough to be missed requiring an apology for an absence.

But, there it is anyhow.

Things have been hectic around here. A few months ago, we decided to put money down on a new construction home (under contigency, of course) which meant getting our current house ready for sale. In a horrible economy. You may be right, we may be crazy. The truth is, our little duplex will soon be bursting at the seams when our new little girl makes her appearance in July and we spoke with a realtor, decided to list it at a lowball price and hope for the best. The work continues, though, as we repaint, we floor, stage and generally try to make the house as lovely as possible to ensure a quick sale.

Add to this Baby Bee’s tendency to make me both horribly sick and terribly lethargic, there just hasn’t been a whole lot to post about and plenty of unfun things that I would be bored to tears reading (heck, I’m bored to tears living it and it’s my life).

But the past week, I’ve noticed my energy slowing returning and a return in interest in crafty things and housey things so hopefully we’ve hit the end of the “Little Mama sits on the couch and watches her ass expand” phase and move onto something better. :O)

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