March 15, 2009

Wondertime no more

I got a card in the mail yesterday, that Wondertime Magazine was ceasing publication and my remaining subscription would be converted to Family Fun. I like Family Fun, but I’m so disappointed. Wondertime was something special. A fantastic breath of mass media fresh air; beautifully photographed and full of content we actually used.

Their articles and columns were so relevant to the life I’m living. The recipes were things my family would eat (and didn’t take hours, a hundred dollars of ingredients and more hands than I own), their shopping guides always featured little treasures you just didn’t see anywhere.

In the past few months, several large publications have been cutting off their smaller, more specialty publications in an attempt, I’m sure, to weather the economic climate. For me, these small publications inspire me far more than their larger, more solvent brethren.

I’m thankful for the Internet that keeps me in touch with the creative minds and the types of ideas I won’t be finding in my mailbox via Wondertime anymore.

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