April 24, 2009

Tied up…

…some of my loose ends, that is. (come on, man, that’s punny.)

Littlebit spent her first night in her big girl bed last night. Mama had to go in three times and spent three hours perched on the edge of Littlebit’s bed attempting to sleep. Wasn’t easy. We ordered the captain bed from Bunk Bed King and I have to say the bed is very nice, was well shipped, priced well and went together in an evening (with extra help from the 9 and 2-year old). The entire bed is made from actual wood as opposed to similarly priced beds from furniture stores that included pressboard/laminate. The only down side is that Littlebit’s mattress is too thick to slide under the bed as a trundle, so Big Daddy and I will hit the ‘Depot this weekend to get some legs to bump up the Princess’s bed a little bit so things will fit.

I’m totally scared about nap time and bed time tonight, though. Ugh.

This also means that Littlebit’s crib will become Baby Bee’s crib and will be moved into our room to wait for her arrival and so that means that I will be putting together this out of this very soon.

Stumble Upon favorites of the week:

Underwear with signal lights.
Odds of me buying a pair? Slim to none. Laugh factor on viewing link, high.

Brioche Cinnamon Rolls are probably bad for the GD* but maybe eating one and then going for a walk wouldn’t hurt

I wonder if the Princess and I could figure out these paper mache bluebirds? My artistic talent is very limited, but the directions are very precise so maybe. I love them regardless

Love the directions on how to make fused plastic bag bags. Teacher gift? Tacky or not?

Loving the soda can lanterns
. A pretty and easy way to keep things out of landfills.

Do you think this would actually work

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    My youngest is almost 2; I’m grappling with the timing of the “big boy bed” transition. I anticipate sleepless nights!
    that bed you bought is cool though!

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    i found my way here from soule mama. i like your blog! thanks for those links. i want to try making some of those things. i think a teacher would like it!

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    I just wanted to say that your comment on Heather Spohr’s most recent post was beautiful.

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