April 17, 2009

Why not avoid just a little more.

Littlebit is watching Blue’s Clues.  It doesn’t show much on t.v. anymore, so the Easter Bunny brought her a “best of” DVD on Sunday.  She’s watched some every day.  Like her sister, she doesn’t like Joe as much as Steve, but to see those sweet little hands doing the “Blue’s Clues” sign makes my heart happy.  The Princess would do the same thing.  Now, if we can only get Littlebit to do the Mail song, life will be perfect.

As you can see, according to the Princess, the only thing potties are good for is watching t.v. with your stuffed bear.

Littlebit is wearing a pair of yellow Dora undies and an upside down pink sweater.  She was cold, but seems to be ready to potty train, so  we’ve been making frequent trips to the powder room to hoist her onto the too tall grown up potty.  The Princess didn’t like the little kid potty either, but Littlebit is smaller, so  we may need a step stool to help her out.  Potty training comes with its own pros and cons.  Pros: only one in diapers come June/July.  Con: Littlebit will need moved out of her crib becuase it’s not fair to stick a kid who needs to use the potty in a crib.  That means a big girl bed and that’s just a crazy thought with Littlebit.

Anyhow, I thought a nice way to round out the week would be to share some of my stumble-upon favorites from this week. I don’t know how I lived my life without Stumble-Upon. Really. SERIOUSLY.

Anyway, without further ado….
Toadstool baby rattles from the Purl Bee. Unless you have Koigu sitting unused in your stash, it’s a pretty expensive investment for a baby rattle (14.50 a skein), but a few minutes at Yarndex can lead you to a less expensive (but still pretty) alternative.

I love these Fabric Easer Baskets from the Moda Bakeshop. In fact, there are an amazing array of patterns there to make with Moda precuts. I have some ordered to make the braided rug for Littlebit’s and Babybee’s room to be. In Oh Cherry Oh! (of course).

Loved these Bowling Bunnies. I’m thinking they’ll be a great way to use up some leftover fabric scraps while giving the kids something awesome to play with. (although the idea of little bit chucking a wooden ball inside of the house is enough to give me a panic attack).

Love the Ribbon Flower tute @ Lisa Space. Thinking summer clothes embellishments…

And lastly…

DIY Bella Bands! are totally on my to-do list.

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