May 1, 2009

Friday Link Love

Stumble-upon pickings were kind of slim this week. Not sure why, but it seems like I spent most of the week seeing cat pictures of flash games. I actually thought I was at the end of the Internet or something.

I’ve loved some of the pin dolls I’ve seen around the Internet and was happy to find a link to Pin Doll Supplies

Loving Balancing Everything

The food porn at Joy the Baker is fantastic and I’ve seen a ton of recipes I need to try. Maybe after I’m done being pregnant as I feel like the only pregnant lady on the planet not indulging in yummy food.

I LOVE these chalkboard wall shapes from Wall Candy Arts. Super creative, super cute and I bet the kids would love them.

I love birds. I love cute scrap projects. Therefore, I love cute bird scrap projects.

I’m thinking felt flowers could be another fun mom/Princess craft. Best part is, it would be cheap to make a ton.

And for fun, hide the fart
. I guess it’s only fun if you find farts funny, but I do so…there you go.

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