May 23, 2009

If you sew, you need to make this bag.

It was time for a new bag. My old bag was looking tired even after a trip through the washer and, let’s be honest, I’m a girl and who wants to carry the same bag forever? I purchased some fabric a while ago to make Baby Bee’s diaper bag, but I was feeling a time crunch and a great deal at Land’s End netted me this perfect bag.

But I’m “stuck” with this fabulous fabric.
And I need want a new bag. I was stumbling around yesterday when I found a like to Little Birdie Secrets which is a fantastic blog and she was talking about Made by Rae’s (Free!) Buttercup Bag.

It was like some heavenly chorus started singing Hallelujah. That was the bag and this was the fabric and if I put them together perfection would ensue.

And I was right! Serendipity!

(please ignore it’s semi-crooked hanging and little hands. When the camera comes out the kids demand attention)

Can I just saw how wonderfully easy this bag was to put together? I didn’t add a magnetic snap,mostly because I didn’t have one on hand, but overall I don’t care about the bag snapping closed. The pattern was well written, the instructions were clear and it really went together in just about an hour, from cutting to sewing to finish.

The original purse design is made out of fat quarters. The good news about that is, it takes very little fabric to make the bag, so some of your coveted small amounts of hard to find fabrics would be a great choice for this little beauty.

Also, it’s my understanding that the Lotus line of fabric by Amy Butler will be going out of print, so snatch it up while you can!

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    *edited to add*
    If you can’t sew you need to make friends with someone who does so they can make you this bag.
    It’s ADORABLE.

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