May 29, 2009

Link Love Friday and other REALLY important musings

1) The craptop’s keyboard appears to have offically taken a crap. Typing the letter m takes about 60 seconds and lots of key stabbing. Enter also sticks which means I end up double tweeting which I’m sure makes me look dumb. Also, the m key sometimes sticks and then I probably look like I’m stuttering. Orders have been dispatched for Big Daddy to PLEASE order a replacement so I can be out of agony.

2) I go to Wal-Mart about three times a year. Our local Wal-Mart still has fabric and notions and if I need something small I tend to run in there instead of driving 20 minutes to our nearest fabric store. I hate shopping at Wal-Mart. It makes me feel dirty. Back in “the day” Wal-Mart would advertised all of it’s Made in America products, which I thought was awesome, but they don’t mention that much these days and cheap flip-flops and t-shirts seem to be their new MO.

Part of my motivation behind this trip to Wal-Mart was a small sewing notion and the hope of *ahem* cheap hanging baskets. I know it’s awful to be all holier than though about how you won’t shop at Wal-Mart and how it’s all evil and they don’t treat their employees well and the low cost at any price mentality is why American job are disappearing over seas and then cross your fingers that Wal-Mart has hanging baskets for under $10 becuase you just kill the damn things anyhow and would rather spend $10 on something you’re going to shamelessly murder than $15 or $20.

They’re so stinking pretty . I’m not sure what it says that I’m willing to compromise my morals and ethics for $7 hanging baskets though.

3) Google Reader is saving a million hours of my time.

And now, without further ado from the lovely world of Stumble Upon it’s Link Love FRIDAY!!

I LOVE these Kimono’s from Habitual. I’ve already printed out the pattern. The Princess is moping that they don’t “come” in her in size. I’m a little daunted by the 75 inches of bias tape I have to make though…

The Princess is totally into playing Cat’s Cradle lately and after she exhausted the small book of patterns she had, we found this site which is full of string figures to make.

These easy layered parfaits are going to be on summer breakfast rotation.

And for summer lunches, I’m thinking the adorable bento without a bento inspired fair at Little Nummies will be a HUGE hit.

I’m a ridiculous sucker for soft pretzels.

and lastly, this photo tile tute at Splitcoast Stampers is sparking lots of ideas in my head for affordable, awesome wall decor.

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8 thoughts on “Link Love Friday and other REALLY important musings

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    Love your hanging baskets. I want to pick up a few for us and my mom. Our Wal-Mart doesn’t have them that cheap though.. we’re talking $22!

    Seriously though, I don’t get the Wal-Mart hatred I see all over the place. I’m thinking people those of you who do have such negative feelings about Wal-Mart must never have lived in an area where Wal-Mart is the only choice for such items unless you want to drive an hour and a half each way. With us, its either shop Wally World or shop online because there aren’t other choices. Our store is awesome though. Its always clean, people are always friendly. They can’t help what they stock so I won’t comment on that.

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    Part of the issue with Wal-Mart, IMO is that they DO go into small town and effectively drive out other small business owners. Who’s going to pay an extra few dollars at the local drug store when they can get cheaper supplies at Wal-Mart etc, etc.

    I know there was a big hubub either last Christmas or the Christmas before regarding the Cricut. Wal-Mart was able to negotiate way lower prices on the machines even though LSS’s were told that the price was firm there would be no sales, price breaks, etc. Then Wal-Mart features this fantastic price. Naturally the LSS can’t compete with that sort of pricing so they lose out. Is it Wal-Mart’s “fault” they can negotiate lower prices? No. Should they raise prices? Well they won’t. But it’s the little things together (including some poor employment practices) that cause me to be super hesitant to spend my money there.

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    I hope you enjoy the pattern! What size is the Princess? I made an adult small for myself, so I have that pattern somewhere….. and once you make a few, I bet you will be able to extrapolate the dimensions for a bigger size. No moping Princess! :)

    I’m fully opposed to big-box domination of commercial districts or communities. My parents live in the middle of nowhere in northern Michigan. My mother has to drive 45 minutes+ to the grocery with a cooler in her trunk, I mean it is ISOLATED. The Wal-Mart is 10 minutes from the “down town” area (also 45 minutes away), and my parents went from being *thrilled* about the Wal-Mart to hating it in 7 short years. They watched all the little Mom-and-Pop shops in their teeny tiny downtown close shop, effectively gutting their town and the few businesses left are barely hanging on. She said it’s changed their entire atmosphere of community (again, very remote area to begin with), as no one gets out of their cars and walks around. It’s all drive-thrus and strip malls now, centered around the Wal-Mart. That’s what happens I guess. Sucks on so many levels….. But it seems to also be a necessary evil, at least that’s what people tell themselves. I live in the city and have a Target at the end of my street. While it does do a great deal to contribute to our neighborhood (donations, scholarships), it’s still an eyesore. Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em. At least I can’t, though I do try to limit my spending inside, and I never go to Walmart (we don’t have them here).

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    Hi there, thanks for the shout-out! And I too, despise going to Wal-mart, I did a whole rant on it once, involving Frocs and bare-footed children in the bathroom.

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    The small town I’m from is still far enough away from Wal-Mart that their small businesses still have a fighting chance. I think they’re representative of how most small towns were; grocery store, hardware store, “five and ten” store and a few small specialty shops that seem to go in and out of business.

    The Princes can wear a size small in adults. Hopefully once I make a few the adjustment for her won’t seem that difficult and she can have a lovely kimono too.

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    Thanks for the link with the parfaits. I can’t believe I never thought of that on my own. I made them this morning for my guys and they were a hit! I actually got a “Thanks for the cool breakfast, Mom!”

    […] The thing about Old Navy, IMO, is that the clothes hold up well to washing and wear and you just cannot beat the price. And they’re cute and a bit more fashion forward than some of the more tradtitional lower priced options (don’t get me going on Wal-mart again). […]

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    Definitely one of your better posts. Can I send a tweet out to my followers about this?

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