May 19, 2009

You know you’re lazy when…’ve been crafting a blog post in your head for a week, but your camera battery is dead and you’re too lazy to put the battery in the charger so you don’t blog because charging the battery is apparently just too hard.

But, by today it was seriously becoming lame that I hadn’t taken the 13 seconds it would take to actually do that task, so my battery is charged so now I can blog.

(Littlebit is throwing a fit in the kitchen. Big Daddy locked her into the house to avoid toddler escape.)

Big Daddy and I continue to make decisions about what to do in regards to buying a new house. We really REALLY want a new, bigger house with more bedrooms and a bigger yard, but despite our ability to buy our ability to sell just isn’t on the same level. Our house has lost about 25k in value over the course of the last few years and since that’s happened we’ve realized it will take about 15k CASH to sell this house.

Add to all of this, of course, the impossibility of showings over the course of the next few months with a newborn and two other kids and Big Daddy and I have decided the best thing to do is to try and make this house as livable as possible and bide our time. It’s such a hard decision to make, but a necessary one. I can’t even say I feel peaceful about it. Just resigned. And irritated. We’ve casually listed the house for rent/sale with not a lot of expectations that it will move. Big Daddy will call the handyman to find out what it will cost to convert our unused loft into a third bedroom to better suit our family size.

And can I say how frustrating it is to feel trapped? I know I should quit whining. We’re having no financial troubles. Big Daddy works in a secure industry for a secure company. We can afford two new(ish) cars and to go on vacation and send the Princess to private school and I’m trying to be effing grateful. I really am. Thankfully, you can feel frustrated and grateful at the same time. At least I can.

And, I’ve gone back to trying to bloom where I’m currently planted and have been doing the things to the house to make it both capable of being shown (aka without a lot of personal influence) and yet reflective of us while we live here.

For just a few bucks and a glue gun, I put together these canvases for the living room. We have vaulted ceilings so determining the scale wasn’t easy, but I think it works out. The nice thing is, with pre-made 16×20 canvases, each canvas only took .25 yards of fabric leaving over enough for throw pillows and some coasters. It’s a cheap, custom piece of wall decor that literally anyone could make. As an aside, though, the Joann’s house brand of solid color home dec. fabric frays like a bitch. Just in case you wondered.

And naturally they’re crooked in this picture. Just imagine them straight. ;o) Which they will be as soon as I hit post.

I also finished my kitchen window “mistreatment” a la nester.2qs I probably took a little longer than her as I opted to hem the unfinished edges to make sure I didn’t end up with frays or ravels if I ever had to watch. Just ignore the nasty dirty patio door. It’s mud season and I have a jumping dog. I could clean it, but it will look the same in ten minutes, so why bother. When we get to the dry part of summer, I’ll windex it. Or maybe I won’t. I hate cleaning things that have to be constantly recleaned, which around here is pretty much everything.

Lastly, this picture was found in my great-grandmothers house. She was such a practical person and there is just nothing practical about this picture. Not the subject and certainly not the frame.

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