June 21, 2009

This is a Good Daddy.

I know Good Daddies. I have one myself. He’s also a good Grandpa. He takes beautiful picture like this of small children.

He’s played Santa Claus. He is constantly on an adventure and the kids flock to him and follow him the rats after the pied piper. He lets kids plant M&Ms in the garden and encourages them to think something will grow. But this isn’t about my Good Daddy (and the girls Good Grandpa) this is about the good Daddy who lives with me.

The Daddy to the girlies. A Very. Good. Daddy.

A Good Daddy can be a lot of things. What he is changes from house to house.

In our house, he’s not afraid to be silly to make a small person just a little happier. He has a lot of patience (the only one who does). He loves big because that’s how he does things.

He plays Pretty Pretty Princess (but does NOT allow pictures of that one) and he wears his Doc Martin’s to the beach (but only becuase his fancy schmancy yuppie sandals got left at home).

He encourages our girls to be their own people, to question authority, to be smart and he does the most important Good Daddy thing of all. He loves the girlies mother.

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    This is so true about your father:0) and your wonderful husband ,,he is an impressive daddy a great husband and a very special nephew we are so glad you chose each other!!!!!!

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    What a special tribute to your “big daddy”. He looks like a truly good daddy, and I am sure your girls are very lucky to have a dad like him. Thanks so much for a touching post!

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