June 29, 2009

Tomorrow is D-Day

This entry was initially published on my personal blog on September 11, 2006. The day before Littlebit was born. I thought it was fitting to include it here as we prepare to leave to have Baby Bee because it still encompasses many of the emotions I’m feeling right now.

Delivery day, that is. After many long discussions, Big Daddy and I decided to take our doctor’s offers to induce and Littlebit will be born sometime tomorrow. We have an 8 a.m. at the hospital to get things started. Since I’ve managed to make some progress on my own (nearly 4 cm now) hopefully tomorrow won’t be as long as the Princess’s birth was (18 hours from water breaking to birth).

The house is ready. The clothes are washed, the bags are packed, the bassinet is set up, the swing is ready, things are washed, the film is loaded. We have some last minute things to do today–packing the Princess for her time with Grandma. Making sure the house is tidy.

It was bittersweet last night, tucking the Princess into bed. The clock is ticking now and tomorrow we won’t be a family of three anymore. While I look forward to Littlebit and bing a family of four and seeing the Princess be a sister. I’ve loved us as a family of three so much and it’s a little sad to see that pass by us. That who we’ve been for six year plus stops tomorrow. And that sort of change is a little overwhelming to say the last.

i think the Princess is lamenting that a little as well. She’s trying to be happy, but I think she has mixed feelings about what this new person will do to her life. I can’t blame her. As much as we reassure here that not everything will change, we can’t tell her that everything is going to stay the same for her. And she’s smart and she knows that.

Yesterday morning the Princess hopped into bed with us to be monkey in the middle. I told her that, even with Littlebit, she could still be monkey in the middle. She accepted that and said, yes, but Littlebit will be here too. And she’s right.

The next time we post, it will be with pictures of our new girl and our girls together. I can’t wait to take that picture.

Wish us luck!

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