July 24, 2009

Blog Hop ’09

It’s a bloggy party! WHOOOOOOO! Robin at Pensieve and Jo-Lynne at Musings of Housewife are hosting at at home Blog Party to go along with the doings in Chicago (yes, I do live in Chicago. No, I’m n to going to Blogher. Any questions?). Be sure to check out the Mr. Linky Robin is hosting to check out some more bloggers who are at home (yet may actually be in Chicago).

I used to have an About Me page, but when I changed my theme, that decided not to cooperate. So, about me.

I got my first website as a birthday present in 2000. Yes, Big Daddy (that’s what I call the hubby) and I are nerdy/geeky folk. We’re certain that the Geeks will inherit the earth, so we’re not that upset about being Geeks or labled as geeks. I started my site to allow my out of town family to keep up with my oldest daughter, hereby known as the Princess, who was born in February of that year.

I still maintain that site and it contains 9 years and thousands of photos as well as years of blog entries. I’ve been blogging since 2004, almost before blogging wasn’t cool but not quite. At the time, I started blogging about knitting (which I still do) but that evolved into just blogging in general.

This site was my birthday gift in 2008. I’m still a geek. So is Big Daddy. We’ve added two more little girls to our gaggle; Littlebit was born in 2006 and Baby Bee made her debut two weeks early in June of this year.

Feel free to browse the archives to get an idea of what I try to do here. As with all things in my life, this is an evolving work in progress.

Thanks for visiting and party on!

(wayne. Sorry. I couldn’t help it)

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11 thoughts on “Blog Hop ’09

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    Hello! Your blog is beautiful! Looking forward to browsing the archives!

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    Love your layout! (and your sense of humor – party on! excellent!)

    Nice meeting you “at the Hop”! :)

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    Geeks will inherit the earth huh? Sweet lol. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog :) K bye :)

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    Nice to meet you! I’m married to a geek, so much of his geekiness has rubbed off on me over the past 22 years. Your kids are beautiful; I enjoyed poking around your blog!

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    LOOOOOVE your design! I think we all have to be a little bit dorky to be blogging. Just sayin….
    Happy hopping!

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    Just blog hopping and wanted to say hello! I’m Alicia from S.C, Nice to meet you! :)

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    Love your site! Ab-SO-lutely love it!! SO cool!
    We called my grandfather Big Daddy and now my dad has taken on that title, so it sounds perfectly normal to me!
    And my hubs and I are geeky folk, too. He gave me a TiVo for Valentine’s Day… about a month after they came out. And I have loved him more ever since! :)
    Party on Garth.

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    Your layout is amazing! What’s your secret?!

    Found you via BlogHop, and your sense of humor is priceless! PARTY ON!

    Congrats on Baby Bee, and I look forward to digging through your archives.

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    Hoppin’ by from the bloghop!

    Littlebit is the nickname I’ve given the baby that I watch.

    Have a great weekend!

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    I popped in from the Blog Hop! I’m a geek myself, and have never minded the label! :)

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