July 24, 2009

Bring on the love….

…the Friday link love that is.

But first, the preschool scramble has begun. I know, I’m probbly late and if I had been more on the ball I’d not be scrambling now. I’d be scrambling in July. I hated this so much with the Princess. Trying to decide which of dozens of local schools were the right choice. I picked one for the Princess based on location and nothing else and loved the program. I wanted Littlebit to go there as well, but I was too late to get her into their 2-year program (Littlebit has a September birthday and will be in a two year program this year due to cut offs) so then the scramble was on again.

I loved the idea of a local Montessori option, but the tuition for Littlebit’s twice a week, two hour a day program cost nearly as much as the Princess’s elementary education and I just. couldn’t. do. it. I have one school I’m hoping to tour that’s accredited, has a good program and a more reasonable monthly price tag. I hope I love it so I can be done with the preschool scramble. Until 2011. When I’ll do it all over again.

But….enough. It’s time for some love

Well, we’re Geeks, so it makes sense that I would enjoy 100 Geeky Places to Take Your Kids This Summer from Wired Magazine. Lots of national and international options and some places I want to check out.

I’m sure I’m the last one to discover it, but I LOVE the Simply Recipes Food and Cooking Blog. It’s beautiful and well organized with tons of recipes. Well photographed too.

Have you seen The Tasty Kitchen? It’s a foodie community fronted by The Pioneer Woman.

So many great ideas and beautiful pictures at The Idea Room.

Make and Takws featured a cool post on One Chicken, Two Meals
which appeals to me from a time and money saving aspect. Googling for more, similar ideas took me to Cheap, Healthy Good and making 17 meals from one chicken and $30.

I am so making these adorable lady bug slippers for my girls. I love them! And while I have my needles out, i’m making this awesome circle cloth too.

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    I love Tasty Kitchen too. In fact I have a few recipes on there too. I don’t know when I’ll ever get around to trying out all the ones I’ve seen that look delicious!

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    Yeah, I’m dealing with the preschool thing right now also. My daughter is already in daycare, but she turns three on Sept. 1st and the daycare that I really wanted her in has an opening. But she seems to like the daycare/preschool that she’s at now, and I just can’t decide. I can think of good and bad about both of them…

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