July 17, 2009

The Return of the Link Love

My pregnancy induced apathy is OVER. Hooray! It may seem small to you, but I had it bad folks. So bad that I couldn’t even manage to energy to type. How hard is it to type? Apparently, overwhelmingly. But, that’s over and now I’m just sleep deprived like every other parent on the planet. I’m so happy my pregnancy induced apathy is gone that I would jump in the air and click my heels together if I could.

I can’t, but if I could I totally would.

You would think that all of this apathy and lack of typing would mean dozens of links waiting to be shared, but the truth is, stumble upon has really sucked for me lately. I’m not sure if it’s gotten too mainstream, but all I get these days are cat pictures and news articles. In fact, my last two stumbles were news articles ABOUT cats. I love cats as much as the next bookish chick, but stumble upon has been losing major ground for me lately.


Do you love fabric? And Etsy? And looking at fabric on etsy? Yeah? Morecloth.com rocks the house. They feature a few dozen color palates and with one click, you can see coordinating fabric from that palate. It’s awesome. Feel like apple green? Or aqua and red? Click, click, click. AND you can use it to make these super cool monograms from a Feathered Nest

I’m pretty crafty, but I wonder if I’m crafty enough to make the basket rack from Martha. It would be the perfect, custom solution for our foyer, but Big Daddy won’t be a ton of help on this one (he has the shakes and cutting straight lines probably isn’t his forte). Since we’ve realized that we’ll probably be spending at lesat the next year in this house, we’ve been spending time trying to come up with stylish ways to increase our storage space and this would totally fit the bill.

Book Seer? Rocks!
Type in your last read and its author and it will spit out a list of suggested reads from Amazon.com and Library Thing. The bad news is, it suggests Harry Potter as a read alike for Harry Potter, so the elusive Harry Potter read alike search continues.

But, hey, here’s an awesome picture of a Dementor.

Wee Folk Art sucked me in with her adorable gnome applique, but overall, it’s just pretty crafty goodness and i not only thumbsed it up, I put it into my google reader.

And, just for fun, here’s a pretty baby.

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    That basket storage case it totally doable. Let me know if you want to give it a go and I’ll be there with my chop saw, drill and hammer.

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