July 25, 2009


And, no, not in THAT way.  Although I know there is an issue with soccer moms taking Meth, I don’t.  So there.  (Gawd, what will the spam look like now?  As it is I’m inundated with erectile dysfunction aids, naked celebs and reduced rate car insurance even though I’ve never addressed my driving here. I don’t think).

Big Daddy, my geek in residence, installed a new theme for me a couple of days ago and it always takes time to get your new page right. Something about codex and rights and blah blah blah. I just want my twitter feed in the side bar. And my about page to work.

I’ve also been tweeking a project for Baby Bee. Her moses basket.

I bought this basket at a yard sale when Littlebit was in utero. It’s from Pier 1 and I got it for under $20. It was buck naked, so I bought a pattern and some toile and sewed up a liner for Littlebit.

It was a little ugly, but served Littlebit well. Particularly since Littlebit had jaundice and spent probably two feel weeks on the biliblanket (aka glow worm) and she needed a place to lay and be on the blanket. Before I packed it away my cat (who was nice enough to die the week after my Mom and Grandma) peed in it. In the midst of the trauma during that few months after Christmas and before June, I didn’t have the mental capacity to deal with washing the lining and shoved the basket in the closet with the good intentions of washing the basket.

Yeah, I didn’t. I know. It’s gross. I just kind of forgot about it and then when I pulled it out for Baby Bee I realized that the lining needed to be washed. And I did. More than once. But it still smelled like cat pee. And that was nasty and wrong, so I ripped the lining out, tossed it away (feeling kind of sentimental about it. Not only did Littlebit sleep there, but, well, the cat’s dead and her genetic material was hanging out there). That meant, a new lining needed to be sewn and hopefully before Baby Bee showed up. That didn’t happen, but the project did and I finished it up this week.

It’s actually LESS ugly than the one I made with the pattern.  I’m not sure if that’s because patterns sometimes are sized funny and don’t work or if I’m better at sewing now so things turn out better.  Anyhow, here it is with Baby Bee sacked out inside.

A lot of people claim that moses baskets are a waste of money.  I suppose if you’re playing around $100 for a basket with a fancy schmancy lining it could be, but overall I found for the price that moses baskets are useful.  Maybe it’s becuase I have more than one kid and a dog and fat cat, but having a safe contained place for the baby to sleep wherever we happen to be that is portable, light and easy to store seems to me to be a VERY good purchase (much more so than, say, designer hospital gowns and baby towels).  Thus far, the basket breaks down to about $20 a kid with supplies and materials.  The basket is big enough that LIttlebit can still climb inside, giving baby a lot of growing time.

I’m still considering whether or not to embellish the outside around the handles or just to leave it as is. It certainly serves it’s purpose as it is.

(sorry, camera batteries are dead. Need to charge and upload!)

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