August 29, 2009

Fall Cleaning-The Dining Room

Honestly, this room could have been lumped in with my living room piece.  What’s in the dining room?  The table.  And the aforementioned kitty condo (which I might move if I can come up with a better place).  The process is pretty easy

Declutter It

I have a charming habit of stacking things on the dining room chairs that we dont’ use. I know. Super cute, right?   Well, I made it a point to get the crap off of the chairs.  All that should be on the table when we’re not eating, at least at our house, is our peg people family and a candle.  Fresh flowers if I get that far.  I’m willing to allow Big Daddy’s work lap top to sit on one of the unused chairs WITH the cord wound up neatly (because I can’t tell you how many time a week we trip over it if it’s not wound up.  It’s frequent).

Can you see your dining room table?  If you don’t eat at your table (we eat at ours every night) you might be using it to store stuff like mail.  Don’t.  Clear it off, move the stuff to the places it belongs and keep your table clean.   If you have a buffet, side board or china cabinet, clean that out and clear it off.  Don’t keep things you won’t use or won’t ever need.  I admit to being a Fly Lady drop out (like a million times over) but one thing she said that always stuck with me refers to not doing things that don’t bless your family.  Well, I don’t keep things that don’t bless our family.  Consider doing the same.  I hae a set of heirloom china that we use a few times a year.  I’m not talking about that stuff.  I’m talking about the ugly soup tureen you got for your wedding from Aunt Peggy that you’ll never use, you probably hate, she’s forgotten about and is taking up valuable space from something that’s probably prettier.

Clean It

Top to bottom.  Clean your light fixture and pull down your cobwebs (you have some too, don’t you?  I can’t be the only one!).  Dust the top of any large/high furniture.  IF you can’t, enlist someone taller.  Clean your window treatments as well.  If you can wash them, do it.  Otherwise, dust or spot clean.

Clean your windows, wipe off your switch plates and outlet covers (nasty, dirty things).  Wipe off your baseboards and if you have carpet get out your vacuum crevice tool and vacuum along your baseboards.

One thing I forgot to mention in the living room and that I will mention here is making sure you clean your registers too.  Wipe off the registers themselves and vacuum out the inside.  Our dining room vent had about three pounds of cat food in it.  Not sure who to blame for that as there are a few likely candidates for the job.

If you have carpet, consider shampooing it yourself or professionally.  If you have hard floors, I recommend getting down on your hands and knees and giving it a REALLY good once over.

Honor Your Family Table

I love our table.  Not becuase it pleases me astethiclaly (it does) but becuase it’s where our family traditions happen.  It’s where we eat breakfast and where we chat over dinner. It’s where we carve pumpkins and make gingerbread houses.  It’s where my kids color and create works of art and where the homework is done.  It needs to be honored for the thing that it is.

And that involves the oil soap.  I clean the table from top to bottom.  I scrub the crumbs out of the back of the chair where the rungs meet the seat.  I scrape off and wipe up every square inch of hte table, removing mystery dinner, paint, crayons and whatever else happens to collect there (enough hair to make another cat).  Taking care to clean and polish you table will not only keep it looking pretty, but keep it looking like the family treasure it is longer.

Don’t forget to make a list of any items needing repair beyond your skill or current budget.  We had a burnt out lightbulb and I made notes about a few things I thought I needed to complete the room.

The effort was well worth it.

Up Next: Don’t get scared now, it’s the kitchen!


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