August 18, 2009

Fall Cleaning-The Powder Room

In our house, the room that gets the most traffic per square foot is our powder room. Probably only encompassing about 25 sq feet, it’s the one room in the house that we all use multiple times a day. It’s small size means keeping it clutter free is a must and it’s status as a bathroom means it gets icky. Next up on the Fall Cleaning list; the Powder Room

Get the Crap Out

That means everything that doesn’t belong. I have yet to see a truly large powder room, but even if yours is, getting rid of clutter applies. We even had a kitty condo (small, but still) taking up precious floor space. I mean, it did store magazines and extra rolls of toilet paper, but a small basket would have done that job just fine anyhow. Removing every extraneous thing from the room should be your first step.

And, don’t forget to purge your medicine cabinet if you have too. Get rid of and replace out dated medicine and don’t forget that make up has expiration dates too.

Also, use this time to get rid of things you don’t NEED. Ugly nail polish? A q-tip box with one q-tip in it? Nebulizer apparatus missing pieces? While your medicine cabinet is empty, wipe off all the shelves.

Clean the Crap Up

Right now you’re probably wondering if I’m going to slip references to poop and crap in as frequently as I can. The answer is yes.

Do you know how far your toilet sprays when you flush it? The answer is far. So, you probably need to scrub. I start from top and move to the bottom

Pull down any cobwebs collecting in corners and along the ceilings. I have a lot of spiders, so this is a must do. Otherwise, we look like the Aadams family lives here. If you have any d├ęcor on the walls, give them a good cleaning off too. Clean the glass or dust.

Wipe your glass. If you have windows, clean those. Make sure to get your mirrors and don’t forget to wipe along the top and edges where dust (and probably toilet spray) collects.

Wipe your fixtures. Make sure to wipe off your towel bars and toilet paper holders. At the very least, your toilet paper holder is covered with toilet paper lint/dust. At worst? Toilet spray(!!)!

Give your sink a deep cleaning. Use a toothbrush to dig the grime out from around the spigot. It collects there. I have a pedistal sink, so I’ll be sure to spray and wipe the entire thing including a good cleaning around the base where things end up collecting. I have a hollow area behind my sink as well that gets a good cleaning though, even though I’m afraid that Aragog is hiding back there.

Don’t forget to wipe off your door, doorknobs, switch plates and outlet covers.

If you have a bathroom trash can (and i’m sure you do) clean that sucker out too. Empty it, fill it with hot water and dump in some pine-sol. Let it sit and then dump it out. Wipe off the outside. If it’s totally nasty, get new one. I buy inexpensive plastic trash cans so if something horrible happens in it I can throw it away without compunction. I learned this when I was 21. It’s served me well. When in doubt? But a new one! It’s cheap!

And lastly, scrub your toilet. Use a good toilet bowl cleaner (I actually like Sno-bowl, but you probably have your favorite too) and make sure to scrub well under the rim. Use that toothbrush to scrub around the bolts OR if you have a steamer this is a great place to use it as the steam forces the gunk out from around bolts and other hard to reach areas. It’s also important to clean around the bottom of your toilet. Disgusting, but important. I use the steamer and some paper towels. It gets it totally clean even if I do want to boil my hands to get the germs off. I usually use some spray cleaner to spray and clean up anything the paper towels missed.

And then I take a bath in purex.

Clean Your Linens

And be sure to wash your rug. Change out linens and if you need new ones, add that to your running list.

I have a fabric roman shade, so I give this a quick cleaning too. I dust it off and then use a damp cloth to do some clean up.

Back on your knees

Get used to it. You’ll be spending a lot of time here. Again, washing the floors on your hands and knees just does a good job. You can wipe up your baseboards and vents as well.

Up Next: The Living Room

First up: The Foyer

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