August 30, 2009

Menu Plan Mondayish

We survived the first day of school!  And the first week!  Hooray!  And, we’re still adjusting to our menu so I still have repeats this week.  Thank God it’s nothing that goes rancid in the fridge because it’s taking me weeks.  The good news is, we start eating from the freezer this week which means my workload will kind of start going through the floor.

I say kind of because I’m hoping to get breakfast burritos, pancakes and zucchini bread made to stick in the freezer this week.

Sunday-Brats boiled in Big Daddy’s home brew, pasta salad and watermelon

Monday-My Birthday and I Am Not Cooking!

TuesdayTaco Spaghetti and salad

soccer practice

Wednesday-Simply Sour Cream Enchiladas and fresh corn (it’s sooooooo good right now)

Thursday Stuffed peppers with fresh baked bread

soccer practice and parent’s night at Littlebit’s school

Friday Pizza and a movie night

Saturday Usually on the run.

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