August 12, 2009


So, I had this laptop.  I called him Dell (for obvious reasons).  About a year and a half ago, Dell’s motherboard took a crap.  We had an extended warranty and after some time and work, Dell replaced Dell (I won’t get into that farce.  It’s long.  And not that complimentary).

Even after replacement, Dell (v 4.0.  Again, long story) ran hot.  He couldn’t be left on a solid surface for long or his underneaths would get burning hot.  We remedied this problem by flipping him on his side or upside down to allow him to vent when he wasn’t being used.

Last week, during vacation the Princess went to have a little quiet time with Dell and iTunes.  She left Dell bottom down on top of a sleeping bag and air mattress and Dell died.  Big trauma come bed time when Littlebit wanted to spend some alone time with Dell and we found him dead.

And then my own personal trauma ensued.  Big Daddy has a work laptop that stays at home with me, a workable solution for this week kind of.   I didn’t have my pictures or my software.  Next week, Big Daddy works at home which means limited or no access to the computer.  This isn’t going to work.

I want(ed) a mac, but we couldn’t justify the cost and after a while discussing, we hit the store tonight for a netbook.  Which makes me happy.  Because 1) it’s mostly mine minus a little sharing and 2) it has a huge hard drive so it will hold all my pictures.  Which is a big concern.  Because I was filling Dell up.

And lots of picture storage space is super important, don’t you think?

An alternate title for this entry could have been pe-u.  It’s potty training time.  Littlebit will be three in one month. It’s time.  Last night, LIttlebit agreed that it was time to get rid of the diapers.  Today, LIttlebit is changing her mind and has done something foul in every pair of undies she owns.  We’ll take tomorrow off as I have to do laundry before we can try again (and it’s playgroup day and I’d rather skip a day than skip playgroup, it’s a life saver).

Thankfully the pre-school program we want to get Littlebit in to doesn’t require potty training.  Now, if they’d just call me back…

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    I also have a Dell, and I get the burning hot thing going on, too. WTH? They should really fix that.

    And yes, when you have that sweet, sleeping little darling up there to photograph, yes, you need lots of picture space. SO precious!

    And I hate the potty training. And none of mine were difficult to train. Not a one. I still hate it. It is such a stressor. It does make me laugh to watch other people do it, though, and you comment about “done something foul in every pair of undies” nearly made me spit out my water. Because seriously, when it’s not me, it’s pretty funny.

    I know…I’ll get mine soon enough. Ugh.

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