August 10, 2009

We. Are. Home.

A huge vacation will follow this week, in regards to camping with two small (one very small) children (and one bigger one), accommodations, etc, etc.  For now, we are home and that is enough.

The Princess’s trip to Michigan to visit with my Dad was postponed because of my Grandfather’s passing.  Dad called Sunday and wanted to make arrangements to get the Princess out for a visit in the last full week of summer vacation which is next week, needless to say this week will be full of the Princess and I tying up OUR loose ends in regards to summer break and getting ready for school.

And with that, can I take a minute to rave about Old Navy. I logged on to their site this morning to find they were having a FANTASTIC back to school sale. Two for $10 shirts, $10 pants and dresses. $10 skirts? I had a few back to school things for the Princess here already but for $100 shipped, I loaded her up with 3 more pairs of pants, a skirt, a dress, 7 shirts and undies.

The thing about Old Navy, IMO, is that the clothes hold up well to washing and wear and you just cannot beat the price. And they’re cute and a bit more fashion forward than some of the more tradtitional lower priced options (don’t get me going on Wal-mart again).

But, Little Mama, don’t you sew? I do. And I love to. But I find the best way to make sure the Princess likes her mamamade clothes and doesn’t abhor them or feel embarrassed by them is to give her autonomy over what I sew. To not make (and then either expect her to wear or get upset because she won’t wear) things she doesn’t want. Each season we have a talk about what things she would like to have sewn for her. And that’s what I make with her input on patterns and fabric. It means the things I make are wanted and appreciated and she doesn’t look like that kid stuck in handmade clothes (yes, I know that typically hand made items work out to be more expensive than store bought things and that they’re custom fit, etc, but you all know the stigma associated with handmade items being perceived as being the cheap way out even though they rarely are).

My point? And I do have one. If you’re budget conscious, it’s time to stock up for school.

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