Month: September 2009

September 30, 2009


What does that word mean to you?  When you read it or say it?  Normally happy things.  Weddings.  First Dates.  Engagements. Big Daddy and I are coming up on an Anniversary.    How we met is sort of a long story and not nearly exciting as, say The Pioneer Woman’s, but basically in two weeks it […]

September 27, 2009

Weekly Menu, week beginning 9/28

Well, we did it.  This weekend we tried out Once a Month Mom’s September Once a Month cooking plan.  We convered on my MIL yesterday afternoon and she helped with the cooking and kid managing and Big Daddy and I went to town.  It took 6.5 horus from start to finish (from beginning to clean […]

September 22, 2009

Not perfect

Not even close. I am grateful. I am grateful. I am grateful. Didn’t get out of bed until 7:30 this morning.  Big Daddy was home, but Baby Bee was still sleeping and Big Daddy was overseeing the kids and I snatched an extra half hour of sleep to stave off what is basically constant exhaustion. […]

September 17, 2009

You can make this today!

Muffin tin crayons! You can do a quick google and find lots of posts on how to make muffin tin or chunky crayons.  I used the instructions from Make and Take and a saved bowl of crayon pieces. Littlebit likes to “pop” crayons, meaning she colors with them once and breaks them. I buy crayons […]

September 15, 2009

Things I would like to do (but won’t)

1. Run away and join the circus. Depending on the day, this is very attractive.  Big Daddy says he’ll hunt me down, but I call bullshit.  I don’t know what I would DO at the circus though.  No beard, not interesting appendages, not that flexible, not into heights or sticking my head into large carnivores […]

September 14, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

We’re starting another week.  Littlebit attends preschool one day this week and then next week will settle into her two days a week schedule.  I’ve been struggling lately with exhaustion (ugh) and with the length of my to-do list.  Littlebit has been struggling with naps and things just feel a wee bit crazy. Thankfully, we’re […]

September 12, 2009

Bugga T.

Is what I call her. Or Bugga Tater. Or just Tater. Here I call her Littlebit. She is my wild child. She is hair all over the place as she runs and jumps and dances and laughs. She is so different from the Princess that it is like night and day. My Princess so sweet […]

September 11, 2009


At first, I thought a small plane had crashed into Sears tower.  When I stumbled down stairs with the Princess just in time to watch the first tower collapse live I called Big Daddy and begged hm to come home.  It seemed like we were under attack and it was all I could do not […]

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