September 6, 2009

It’s Sunday Morning

And this week it feels like a bonus Saturday.  Tomorrow can be Sunday, the day before everyone goes back to work and school.  And the best thing?  Tuesday is still Tuesday and we skip Monday.

Big Daddy is cooking a belated breakfast in the kitchen.  Littlebit fell asleep in the car at 6:30 and went to bed early and was up early as a result and since I’ve legally changed my name to Sleep Deprived Crazy Lady, Big Daddy let Baby Bee and I linger in bed, Baby Bee sleeping on my chest with the top of her head tucked under my chin tightly.  I always figure that was how it might have felt for her in utero, at least a little bit.  Her head tucked snugly up against me, her hand by her face, her knees drawn up as warm as my body with my heartbeat filling her ears.    Littlebit slept that way. The Princess slept that way both on me and Big Daddy.  They slept better and longer that way, which is why I slept late this Sunday morning.

The Princess is with Grandma, being the Queen Bee.  Playing computer games undisturbed, watching t.v. without having to share.  Probably eating eggs and drinking chocolate milk to her heart’s content.  Probably happy with the silence just like we all are when we get it.

Littlebit’s First Day of School outfit sits next to ma, waiting for a washing in time for her day on Tuesday.  I’m excited and anxious for her, just like I am for the Princess when her first day draws near.  Hopeful for the good things, worried about the bumps growing brings.

Baby Bee’s swing makes a swishing nose. LIttlebit is wearing a package of diapers on her foot like a slipper.  Breakfast is done.  It’s 8 minutes until Sunday afternoon.

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    linger Jamie, these moments pass too fast..Enjoy:0)

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