September 14, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

We’re starting another week.  Littlebit attends preschool one day this week and then next week will settle into her two days a week schedule.  I’ve been struggling lately with exhaustion (ugh) and with the length of my to-do list.  Littlebit has been struggling with naps and things just feel a wee bit crazy.

Thankfully, we’re eating (mostly) out of the freezer this week.


Macaroni and cheese, chicken nuggets and cucumbers


Chicken brushetta casserole, garlic bread and salad


Taco spaghetti and corn


BBQ pork sammies, sweet potato fries and corn


Pizza and a movie night


Family in town for Littlebit’s birthday party, so we may eat out


Littlebit’s birthday!

Next weekend, we will be cooking Once a Month Mom’s September plan with childcare help from my Mother-in-law.  Big Daddy and I are actually looking forward to the process and I’m hoping it will save us money AND time because time always seems like it’s at SUCH a premium.

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