September 10, 2009

My mama told me not to, BUT

I’m going to.  Talk politics.  Actually, my mama never told me not to talk politics and we did have lively political discussions in my house growing up; my Mom a dem and my Dad a member of the NRA.  Mom and Dad were married for 31 years before my Mom passed away (stupid cancer) which is proof that two very different people can not only live together happily, but love each other.

So, what the eff is going on in this country then?  Where’s the love people?

Last night, President Obama gave a speech about health care.  Some douche with no manners actually HECKLED him. (as an aside, I love that the word heckle is on everyone’s lips this morning.  Expand your vocab. people.  It’s awesome and it’s worth it).  I suspect that if I was speaking to those who read this blog, some might be inclined to heckle me a little  Or even a lot.

I’m tired though of all the charged rhetoric.  Where we are painting each other with these nasty buzz word filled brushes that make us think the worst  of each other, not to mention that those words and ideas are half truths at the very best and lies at the very worst.

So, what’s the point? Well, I’m going to talk about National Health Care.  As a liberal learning centrist who tends to vote Dem.

And, honestly, my feelings are hurt that you (royal) think I want your Grandma or disabled child to go in front of a “death panel”.  You don’t believe that of me, do you?  Because that’s the kind of crap that’s getting thrown around.  That I, and those like me but for now just think about me, would want your grandma’s plug pulled despite her and your family wishes.

Just like you don’t REALLY believe I’m pro-abortion and anti-baby.  You don’t really think that either, right?  Considering I have three little ankle biters of my own, I think I’m pretty Pro Life and Pro -baby, I’m just pro-choice.

Do I think there are some progressives/liberals who would want a death panel?  I suppose.  But just like Fred Phelps isn’t really representative of the religious right or the right in general, those people who would support a “death” panel really aren’t representative of me or those like me.

What I want is for people who are sick to get the care they need.  Period.  Without having to go into the poor house or ruin their credit or go without food and necessities to pay for it.  If your kid has croup, asthma, diabetes or cancer I want them to have the best possible care period.  Because they deserve it and parents shouldn’t have to stay awake at night worrying about how they are going to pay for hte care their kids need.

If your Grandma has dementia, or cancer or a bad hip or cataracs, I want her to have the best possible care period. I don’t want her eating cat food (yes, it happens) because that’s what she can afford to eat while managing her medications and doctors visits.

If you lose your job and then get sick, I want you to have the best care possible.  I don’t want you putting off your care because you don’t want a pre-exisiting diagnosis and that decision costs you your health or your happiness.

I want doctors to charge reasonable fees for their services.  In May, I was hospitalized for three days due to my gall bladder.  I was seen by a surgeon.  He saw me Monday, felt my tummy and then saw me Tuesday before I was discharged.  He felt my tummy again and read my ultrasound.

He charged my insurance $1000.

One Thousand Dollars, folks.  To read an ultrasound, tell me I needed to wait to have surgery, poke my tummy and give me his card.

Wait, the nurse gave me his card.

One thousand dollars for what probably amounted to an hour of work.  Even if it took TWO hours, he made 500/hour.    I appreciate that fact that he is a well educated man and probably quite good at what he does and should be compensated, but at a minimum of Five Hundred Dollars per Hour?


Why is health insurance so expensive?

Can you put two and two together?

And you know, I don’t have any real answers about how to FIX this problem.  I’m sure smarter people than me have written on this topic with some fantastic solutions on how to fix health care, but I don’t really have anything.  As a progressive, I’m not sure that I want the government to administrate a plan. I’m not sure that socialized health care is right for our country, but I can see a disconnect between what we have and what we need and that’s what I feel we need to talk about.

Not calling the President a liar when he says illegal immigrants won’t be covered.

Not accusing people of being heartless.  Or wanting death panels.  Because neither of those things are true.

We need conversation.  Civilized discourse so we can solve our problems.  We need to stop painting each other with the brushes passed out by the talkers of the people we align with.  Glen Beck doesn’t know me, doesn’t know what I stand for or what’s in my heart.  Don’t believe him about me.  You know me.  He doesn’t know me and you don’t know him.  His ratings are through the roof.  The more he scares you about what I want and what I stand for the more he collects and benefits.  The more his stock goes up.  If you want to know what i stand for, ask me.  Glen Beck and Bill O’Reilly and Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter haven’t darkened my door lately.  That don’t know what I or people like me want, they just know what to say to make you freak out.  so you watch their shows an buy their books and up their ratings and pad their pockets.

I don’t believe what people say about you.  I don’t believe that you are heartless.  I don’t believe that you don’t care about poor people or minorities or people that need our help.  I don’t believe that you hate black people or gay people.  I don’t believe what people tell me about you and I don’t believe that what we want for our country is really that different.

So, let’s talk.  No heckling allowed

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    Good for you for going there. I feel like I could have written it myself, except for I USED to be a right-leaning centrist.:lol

    I wish everyone could discuss this rationally, because something does need to be done.

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