September 8, 2009

What to bake if you don’t, but really want to.

I think baking has some sort of mystique about it.   Like it seems hard or something.  I’m sure some things are horribly hard to bake.  I guess I don’t try to bake those and I know people agonize over the texture of their bread or the chewiness or crispness of chocolate chip cookies.  Baking, really, for the average family is a pretty simple process.  I talked about making Blueberry muffins in my Great Blueberry Muffin Smack Down.  Honestly, baking on the simple level takes no more skill than the ability to read and follow instructions.  That’s it.

This weekend, I undertook two baking projects that took little time and skill, but yielded incredible results.  The first was St. Louis Gooey Butter Cake as featured on Cake Spy.

Gooey Butter Cake

The smell while baking this thing?  Like vanilla heaven.  Really.  You know how real estate agents say you should bake cookies prior to home showings so it smells like home?  I disagree.  You should bake gooey butter cake.    I wanted to take pictures of it after slicing but, well, we killed that cake.  Granted, there were seven of us, but it didn’t survive 30 minutes after being put out on the table and there were lots of happy moanings and groanings.  The cake was demolished after everyone proclaimed they’d stuffed themselves full.

This cake is light on ingrdiets and really takes no more skill than being able to use a mixer and stick a knife in to make sure it’s done.

The second thing I’d encourage you to make if you’re bake-phobic is zucchini bread.  From Betty Crocker. Betty won’t let you down.  I also omit the nuts and raisins and insert….


Chocolate chips.

The chocolate chips are probably why I don’t have a picture for you.  We ate it too fast.  I’ll be going to the store tomorrow to take advantage of the great prices on local zucchini and making a few more loafs.  They freeze really well and it makes for a great and pretty healthy breakfast.  More adventerous folks will substitute some apple sauce for the oil (I used a high quality olive oil and not veggie oil) but again, just mixing and baking.

And then eating.  It’s extra good with cream cheese.

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