September 17, 2009

You can make this today!

Muffin tin crayons!

You can do a quick google and find lots of posts on how to make muffin tin or chunky crayons.  I used the instructions from Make and Take and a saved bowl of crayon pieces.

Littlebit likes to “pop” crayons, meaning she colors with them once and breaks them. I buy crayons on sale cheap, but I hate throwing the broken pieces away.

Littlebit and I sorted the colors into tins and then I allowed her to combine the left over pieces to make an uber crayon.  I threw the pan in the oven while we finished baking our zucchini bread.

Littlebit is overjoyed.

If I hadn’t already done favors for her party this Saturday, we would totally do this for a cheap, but really cool favor.  In a cute little bag with some bright ribbon?  Fantastic!

Also, they are far less breakable than the stick crayons and Littlebit’s uber crayon makes some awesome results on paper so don’t be afraid to let the kids combine.  They actually don’t turn brown. ;)

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    Thanks for the comment! He liked pulling them through his teeth too, maybe because he’s teething? lol

    I remember seeing those on Make and Takes! Yours turned out nice! I look forward when my guy is old enough so I can make him some of those.

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