October 5, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Can I say that Once a Month cooking rocks!  I can?  Sweet.  It does and I just said it.  I probably said it last week too,but I’m saying it again.  I thought that spending two weeks cooking and doubling meals made the two weeks off worth it, but in truth, that was totally counter productive and a waste of work.   If I was going to have another kid, I’d probably name her (because we don’t make boys) Once a Month Mom.

So, it makes my menu planning pretty easy


Chicken Marsala, pasta and asparagus


soccer practice

Beef Stew and fresh bread


Mexican cornbread casserole and salad


soccer practice

Deconstructed broccoli stuffed chicken breasts and veggies

On the go with previous plans for the weekend.

Last week, I noted that we were having caramel apple pork chops for dinner.  They were pretty. I wish I’d have taken a picture, but they were so good all of us sort of inhaled them.  I guess 800+ reviews and an overall rating of 4.5 stars on allrecipes.com really does mean something.  It means yummy.

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