October 20, 2009

One hour and one yard=


The Princess and I hit Hobby Lobby on Monday to get what I needed to make her Halloween costume. I had originally said that I wasn’t making a costume this year because I was afraid I didn’t have time, but…..well, it’s just a no-sew tutu.

Anyhow, Hobby Lobby had lots of delicious fabrics and I have been so anxious to sew.  I enlisted the family to get my evening chores done last night so I could take an hour to CREATE something.

And, yes, one hour is all this little beauty took.  It’s inspired by my absolute favorite and most versatile patternless tute, the peasant blouse from Blueprints.  Once you make the top and get the hang of it (GREAT pattern for beginners, IMO, because it doesn’t take a lot of fabric or time and it’s super straightforward sewing) you can make tons of things.  I’ve sized it down for Littlebit.

I sized it up for the Princess.

I’ve turned it into a dress and even doll clothes.  It’s really that versatile and I’ll be using it to turn the Princess into a tutued witch for Halloween.

I’ll even be using it to outfit Baby Bee.

Today, I’ve paired it with leggings and socks and Littlebit’s tappy shoes.  She could wear it with tights and it could be a dress too.  I used a ribbon to accent the waist, but you don’t have to and  that makes it a perfect shirt for little girls who are learning to dress themselves as there isn’t a front in back.

Pattern perfection.  For free!

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    Those are so cute! Please post some pics of the tutu when you are finished. I’m anxious to see how it turns out:-)

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