October 23, 2009

You Can Make This Today!

A no-sew Tutu!

Witchy Poo Tutue
Witchy Poo Tutue

The Princess couldn’t be an ugly witch.  She watched Practical Magic.  Those witches were pretty.  When my Aunt gave her a witch hat, I knew I would be able to talk the Princess into being a witch.  All I had to do was offer to make her a pretty witch with stripey tights and a fantastic tutu.

A tutu sounded easy enough to make, but tulle can be very hard to work with.  I googled for a new sew tutu pattern and found a picture of a naked lady wearing only a tutu cleaning her window BUT I also found this pattern @ Design Mom and went to town.

Obviously, only a very pretty witch would wear this tutu.

In Progress...
In Progress...

For the Princess’s tutu (and she’s a child size XL or an adult size S.  She’s nearly five feet tall) I used 12 yards of tulle-6 black and 2 each of the other three colors.  I cut the elastic to measure LOOSELY around the Princess’s wasit and I didn’t sew it off until I tied on all the tulle to make sure we got a great fit.  Honestly, I was able to complete this in two naptimes for Baby Bee while cleaning house and wrangling Little Bit.  You could probably make it in a night.  THe process also sped up when I started chiffonading the tulle and hacking off about six inches of width.  It was super easy (but this I mean that I match the ends and folded the tulle into a long tube length wise).  The tulle doesn’t have to be perfect.  Really.  If some are narrower or wider no one will notice, scouts honor and the result is beautiful.

AND you still have time before Halloween.  Really.  So if you or your little girl are in a pinch for a costume, the possabilities are endless as tulle comes in GOBS of colors.  Before adding the black, I was thinking it would make a very pretty fairy skirt.  If you wanted to make them adjustable for dressup, you could probably  make the tutu on a length of ribbon and just sew straight across the ribbon and through the tulle after you finished the tutu.

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