November 17, 2009

How Littlebit got her croup back and misadventures in pants making.

Right now you’re probably wondering if I’ve suddenly become schizophrenic as it would appear that those two topics have nothing in common, but let me assure you, they do.

Last night, Littlebit woke up with that damn tell tale barking cough.  Big Daddy and I mobilized.  I hopped into a steamy shower with her, Big Daddy set up the nebulizer.  I rocked little bit with the mask held in front of her face, Big Daddy slept with Littlebit and would press his ear to her back to make sure she was breathing okay.  When the morning dawned, Littlebit was okay, but not much better.

That meant a day of  nebulizer treatments and catering to a preschooler.  All of which are okay, but means I watch a lot of Calliou.

But how do pants fit in this?  And more specifically what of those misadventures?  Sit down friends.  It will all make sense.

Last week, I pulled a box of fabric out of the garage. I pulled out the material for the Christmas outfits an some things I thought would make nice winter jammies/clothes.

Add to the Littlebit’s love for pants.  She. LOVES. Pants.  If we go to Target and walk past the baby clothes section she attempts to fill the cart with pants.  She can think of nothing better than pants.  If she’s not wearing pants, she crabs until she is. Pants. Pants. Pants.

Since Littlebit was feeling sick today and since she loves pants and since I had material I told her I would make her a pair of pants today.

Last week, I found this pattern to make no-pattern toddler flat pants. Perfect, I thought.  So, today when Baby Bee was giving me a few moments peace, I sat down with my sick LIttlebit and we measured and cut and sewed and OMG….

ZOMG?  Not pants!  Thats for sure!
ZOMG? Not pants! That's for sure!

I don’t have to tell you that the project went wrong do I?  Cause it did.  I have no idea.  I won’t show you the pants on Littlebit.  They’re atrocious.  They look bad enough on here.  They look like  pants Denise Huxtable would have made when she first started sewing and attempted to make Theo. that designer silk shirt without a pattern.

I began sketching out a pattern on how to make the pants fit LB* better.  I pinched.  I measured. I sketched.

And then it occurred to me that i have years worth of sewing magazines upstairs and chances were good I could find a good one piece pants pattern and it would save me drafting time and figuring time and mistake time and LB* could have her new pants today.

So, I found a pattern and that’s what I did.

Yay!  Pants!
Yay! Pants!

From Ottobre Designs Magazine, Spring 2009.  Pattern 19.  I omitted the cuffs and just lengthened the 110cm size to 116cm.  No seam allowances.  Fit like a dream.  You can find the formerly hard to find, now plentiful ooga booga monster fabric on etsy, ebay and other on-line fabric stores.


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    Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog.

    I’ve battled with croup in my kids–I know the terror you can face in the middle of the night. Hope she’s feeling much better.

    I admire you for being able to sew pants even if you needed a pattern. I can’t even do that!

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