November 16, 2009

Meun Plan Monday

About a week ago, Big Daddy and I finished our second Once a Month Mom cooking session.  We opted to roll back to the August menu as we don’t host Thanksgiving here.  We shopped for ourselves, Big Daddy’s Aunt and Mom an spent just under 300.    I think we probably spent more this time as I didn’t shop as many sales for the items we needed in large amount.

We also opted to  package more items in bags that we could thaw quickly.  That was our biggest issue last month.  If I forgot to pull out an item ahead of time, it was hard to catch up with the food being packaged in foil pans.  They didn’t seal tight and you can’t microwave them.

Also, if you can get a good price on chuck roast, I can’t really say enough nice things about the hot beef sandwiches.  I will be making some every time we can get a deal on chuck roast.  You can find the recipe here.

But without further ado…

Monday Deconstructed stuffed chicken breasts, pasta and veggies

Tuesday-Crock pot beef stroganoff, rice and veggies

Wednesday-Lemon Chicken with Veggies and fresh bread

Thursday-Chilaquile Casserole with corn bread and veggies

Friday-Pizza Night!  We’ll be making our own as the price is about the same and the pizza is THAT much better

Saturday-Family dinner at our house with Big Daddy’s cousins.  We cannot wait!

Sunday-Lazy Chili Rellenos, spanish rice and corn

This week, I will also be planning our menus for Christmas, including Christmas eve morning breakfast and cookie baking. YUMMY!

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