December 28, 2009

And a little spam shall lead us

A few days ago, I got a comment that I was probably kind of spam, but the omment was so though provoking, I approved it and left it because if they’d spent that much time commenting on a post of the appropriate subject, I figured they deserved the link back .  The comment was, was the current economy causing more people to take up and therefore enjoy cooking.

And then I started to think.  It’s true that in the blogosphere, that a lot of people are enjoying bloggy success with cooking and baking blogs.  In fact, the pioneer Woman has even recently put out a cookbook and has been on a book signing tour.  That’s success, my friends.  But do I think it’s economy driven?  Yes and no.

Chicken and dumplings, which spawned this whole thing
Chicken and dumplings, which spawned this whole thing

Cooking from scratch, unless you’re consistently cooking expensive cuts of meat or with truffles or something, is inexpensive.  And, unless you’re consistently cooking high fat or calorie heavy foods, are better for you than eating out, but I think the overall interest in food, cooking, baking, gardening, sewing, knitting and other crafty and DIY pursuits are part of a sort of backlash, anti-technology if you will.  Creating one thing or one small batch.  It seems kind of rebellious in a mass produced world.

Wee bag
Wee bag

For me, it’s not about being a rebel.  And it’s not about economy, though cooking food at home from scratch is economical.  It’s about the joy of using a handmade thing.  it’s about selecting th fabric or yarn or recipe and pattern to fit your exact needs.  It’s about holding on to things done the old way because sometimes the old way is better.  It’s about knowing where things come from.  Whose hands kneaded the dough, or knit the gloves, or sewed the hem or pickled the cucumber.

Clearly I have no problem with modern convenience. I like target and starbucks as much as the next girl.   Maybe more.  But I also like the simple process of crocheting a chain, baking a cookie, sewing one perfect dress.

When there wasnt a foot of snow on the deck.
When there wasn't a foot of snow on the deck.

And teaching the lesson that just because you can buy it doesn’t mean you have to.  It’s not just economy.

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    YES. I wholeheartedly agree. I love to do from scratch, and it has nothing to do with the economy. I just like it. I always tell the kids that I put extra love in the food. :)

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