December 7, 2009

Being Flexible

I may write detailed lists.

I may make plans far in advance.

I may try to plan out every second and every minute but there is something to be said about being flexible and spontaneous.

So, the tree went up this weekend.  Yesterday to be exact.  A week earlier than I planned.  Big Daddy prefers that the Christmas tree not go up before his birthday, but we had a golden opportunity, a weekend full of nothing stretched out before us as so we went for it.

The Tannenbaum
The Tannenbaum

We still have to get the annual ornaments for the girls.  It was a tradition both of our parents had; each year a new ornament for each kid for the tree and then upon moving out/marriage your ornaments are given to you as a gift.  I love hanging up the years of ornaments collected when I was a little girl and love seeing the years of the girls collected keepsakes show up on our tree.  I only got misty once; when hanging up Littlebit’s baby booties from her first Christmas.  Remember Littlebit as a baby waved over me and I ground away a few tears before returning to the task at hand.

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