December 26, 2009

Christmas Is Over

I hate Christmas Hang-over.  It’s only my most favorite time of year, so as the year winds down I start feeling a little sad that the anticipation that’s been mounting since Novembe 1st is over.  In a few short days, we’ll take down the tree and pack up our baubles.  We’re hoping to open them some place new next year.  That’s still in the works, though, but I’ll update when I can.

My little people are tired.  Littlebit gave up the fight on my lap at 6:30 and Baby Bee is dozing now, getting her before bed snack in while I type.  She seems to really be teething right now and spent quite a while this evening chewing on a binky.

We had a great Christmas.  Really.  It was wonderful.  Everyone loved their gifts, I managed to give up on a few things causing me stress and found time to enjoy.  NOT the full week I wanted.  Not close.  I want that week, people. I will have that week!

There are a few things I could do differently.  This year I’m going to experiment with baking and then freezing our favorite cookies.  Not to keep until Christmas, but to find out how far in advance of Christmas i could make them and have them taste fresh still come Christmas.  Why?  Because we have eaten, and I am not kidding, nearly 10 batches of cookies in a week.  TEN.  I think that is all LIttlebit ate today.

I will make yummy beer cheese dip again, but I will skip making the pretzels myself.  Too much work.  Trader Joe’s pretzel bread is better and easier.

I will buy Christmas Dinner’s dessert.  I like to make it, but store bought desserts are nearly as good as home made, so I’m saving the time.

I need to have better control on my list minute “to buy” list so I can have them bought and wrapped so I’m not staying up late on Chrsitmas Eve when I really want to be in bed.

Experiment with a few of my Christmas Dinner stand-bys to see if they could be made in advance and then just reheated with good results on the big day.

But really?  GREAT Holiday.

And now, it’s Boxing Day.  And we’ve done nothing but eat leftovers and play video games.  What’s not to love?

Tomorrow, we’re heading back to reality.  We’ll clean and do laundry and probably clear more snow.  And, though I’ll miss CHristmas, I’m kind of looking forward to the first of the year.  A new decade and a clean slate.

I hope your holiday has been as happy as ours has, full of love and togetherness and good food and fun.

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