December 15, 2009

On the 10th day before Christmas

Littlebit got croup.  That’s like a bad track on repeat around here, isn’t it?  But, it seems mild and hopefully LB won’t miss any of the week’s fun.

I’m finishing up my final touches…

…helped along by super cheap poinsettias at the grocery.  In the years since Big Daddy and I have been married, my decor has started to evolve from mismatched to focused.  Lots of red with a little bit of aqua.

Thrown all together with some retro…

Shiny Brites from Grandmas tree
Shiny Brites from Grandma's tree

(sorry for the bad, flash picture. I tried to take it without the flash, but my camera actually laughed at me).

I am desperate to start baking, but I know that nothing I make now has a chance of making it to next week.  LB leads the cookie monster charge around this joint, but I can share my favorite sugar cookie recipe.  It calls for whipping cream, but the dough is super easy to work with and they taste spectacular.

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