December 4, 2009

Precious and Priceless and pretty too

This was my Grandma’s.  It sat in her house.  She made two of these; this one in blue and white and another in traditional green.    I loved this tree when I was a little girl.  Adored it and when my Grandpa said I could take anything I liked when he moved from his house THIS tree was what I wanted.  It reminds me of my Grandma and Christmas at her house and being little.

Last year, I didn’t put it out.  I felt so completely overwhelmed  by the burden of putting out the heirlooms that I had ended up collecting from so many deaths that I left them all packed away.  It was too much and too hard to lay out the things that reminded me of so many people and only see them for the joy and not the sadness that had brought them to me.

BUt this year, I feel different. I feel better and my tree?  My Grandmother’s beautiful tree has resumed it’s place of honor in my home and in my heart.  No more sadness. Just happy, happy memories.

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    she would be happy it was out for your girls to enjoy, I think that when you put it out it lets her be with u 4 the a beautiful memory and a story 4 your girls she will then live on…..hugs

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    It is absolutely beautiful!! It’s amazing that she made it :)

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