January 2, 2010

21 days

There is a general idea out there that it takes 21 days to make a habit.  Three weeks.  Three weeks to make something ingrained in your routine.  There are so many things I wish I did as a matter of habit and I wondered if I could take this year and turn it into a project to create better habits.

There are 17 opportunities (plus 8 days for screwing up) to create new habits in a year and I wondered if I could do it.  If I could create 17 habits that would me happier or healther or my life better or my family’s life better.

And so, in the shower on Christmas Eve Eve the Habit Project was born.

I think 17 habits might be too ambitious.  I think I’m going to shoot for 15 which gives me a little opportunity to screw up because everyone needs a little bit of screw up time built in to their life.

So, forget about resolutions.  Here is the list of habits I’m looking to attain in 2010

1) Reducing Internet time. I give this a 10 on the pain meter.

2) Daily Exercise -30 mintues a day for everyone over 3.  I think this will probably be an 8.  I hate exercisign.

3)Using my planer and calendar to stop being so spacey. I like using the planner and I like being organized.  I think this one will be kind of easy.  5

4)Drinking 8 glasses of water a day I really believe proper hydration is not only the key to good health, but also to weight loss.  I suck at keeping hydrated, but this is easy.  Probably a 3 on the pain meter.

5)Taking more time for personal hygiene I might have three kids, but I have time for better skin care and more hair brushing.  A pony tail isn’t the answer! Every day.

6) Picking up after myself IMMEDIATLEY I can’t be the only one who means to get something, but then leaves it lay and it therefore make a bigger mess OR you can’t find it?  Yeah.  Fixing that.

7) Logging all of our financial purchases We need to keep better control on our money.  If we’re going to be buying a new house this year and I want to go on vacations,  then someone has to stop buying starbucks and start watching the pennies

8)Carving out daily outside playtime for little people So guilty of not giving them unstructured time outside.  Not acceptable.

9)Daily crafty time I love being crafty so much, so I don’t know why finding time to do it has been so hard

10) Leaving off the t.v. I use it for noise and I’m not alone, but we spend too much time with it on.  Big Daddy got my laptop speakers for Chrsitmas, so more music and less t.v.

11)No more impulse purchases This kind of goes along with number 7.  I’m a sucker for a well placed impulse buy.  I think this one will actually be quite hard.

12)Putting away clean laundry immediately Because when you leave it sit around, it turns into a mess and means more laundry

13)Putting my towel back in the bathroom after use This one is for Big Daddy because the next morning when I’m towel-less? I take his.

14)Keeping reasonable hours This one is late in the year in hopes that our two little people will be sleeping through the night allowing me to go to bed earlier and get up earlier.  I need that morning time without the little people to be productive.


What do you think?  Could it be successful?  Stay tuned.  ;o)

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    Holy crapster. I could have written almost all of those. Especially the internet time, picking up after myself , towel thing and the laundry. They are my biggies. I go for a walk every week day, but still I need way more exercise than that. Sometimes it is eerie how alike we are down to killing every damn goldfish that has ever lived here. How can I keep 3 children , 2 cats and a husband alive but not a $2 goldfish ?)

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